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Grafobal Group, a.s. represents a joint-stock company of holding type established in 1998 with its office in Bratislava. The group covers activities of daughter companies performing trade in the field of polygraphy, publishing activity, distribution and sale of printing, tobacco and complementary goods, energetics, developing, advertising and media activity, healthcare, sport and other fields.

Grafobal Group, a.s. company is the largest non-financial company owned solely by Slovak capital. The group works in a form of strategic holding management as a whole and at the same time in form of operative management decentralization with synergic effects of capital grouping. This way the company may increase its capital strength, competitiveness, or even expand its services portfolio and take advantage of possibilities to share new technologies and capacities. At the same time the company always tries its best to maintain its identity and production programme of individual companies. The company creates an environment where companies do not compete to one another and use their possibilities of cooperation in full.

The group supports common approach to suppliers, buyers, financial institutions, marketing and presentation of individual companies. Through central purchase it uses synergic effects in the field of material and services purchase.

Technical equipment and possibilities of Grafobal Group, human resources, long-year tradition, references and quality certificates always provide our clients with only the best product.

Grafobal Group in brief:

  • Joint-stock company of a holding type
  • 100% Slovak capital
  • Since 2010 the Grafobal Group has been employing almost 6000 people

Field of trade:

  • production of packaging
  • printing
  • distribution of printing
  • distribution of complementary and tobacco products
  • advertising and media
  • healthcare
  • air services
  • production of spring water
  • development
  • energetics
  • sport

Consolidated financial data

IN THOUSANDS EURO 2015 2014 2013
Total income 852 683 831 182 800 212
EBITDA 26 836 28 688 45 605
EBITDA % 3,15% 3,45% 5,7%
Net profit 22 327 1 850 8 351
Total assets 392 142 473 007 501 439
Total amount of own equity 120 328 124 261 131 807
Own equity as % from assets 31% 26% 26%

We are an international company

We are an international company

Grafobal Group: