Policlinics Ružinov

Ružinovská poliklinika

In 2006 Grafobal Group, a.s. become a 100% shareholder of Ružinovská poliklinika a.s. and since this time the building has undergone extensive reconstruction. The shareholder´s intention was to create a modern policlinics which shall make suitable conditions for patients, as well as physicians providing the healthcare. Department of physiatry – rehabilitation was been reconstructed which currently provides a wide range of therapeutic interventions, like individual and group exercise, electrotherapeutics, thermal therapy, massages etc. Thanks to investment into X-Ray department and purchase of new technologies the department now works in a digital regime. Especially in mamographic examination the work is executed in a way that the examination time is minimized and comfort of a patient maximized.

Following ambulances are part of the Ružinovská poliklinika, a.s.:

  • Ambulance of general practitioner
  • Internal ambulance and EKG
  • Pneumophtizeology ambulance
  • Ambulance of surgery for adults
  • Ambulance of surgery for children
  • Phoniatric ambulance and audiometry
  • Ambulance of urology
  • Stationary
  • Radiologic department
  • Physiatry-rehabilitation department, including wellness
  • Pharmacy

Ružinovská poliklinika, a.s. has a contract on healthcare provision with all health insurance companies.

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