Grafobal Bulgaria

The company is able to meet clients´ demands in the field of polygraphy, specifically full-colour print, packaging from paper and cardboard for food industry, pharmacy and light industry, as well as for products which packaging is of considerable commercial and consumer importance.

Printing machines KBA Rapida 104 (5 colourful sections and painting section) and Planeta (4 colourful sections and 2 colourful sections) are used in production. In further proceeding UV- painting equipment AEROTERM, automatic die cutting machines BOBST and TEMPO TS, gluing machines Jagenberg Diana and Kama FKM, laminator Tünkers and paper cutting machines Seypa and Perfecta.

Production plan:

  • full-colour packaging from cardboard, painted (UV or dispersion varnish) with possibility of blind embossing
  • labels for chocolate, beverages and other products
  • packaging from corrugated cardboard
  • postcards, calendars, leaflets

Grafobal Group: